Why we are different

A Very Different Kind of Communications Agency

Positive Profile is very different from most other agencies you have encountered. At Positive Profile we become part of your team, your priorities become our priorities and we are single-minded about achieving tangible results on your behalf.

Most of our team have spent a significant part of their careers working within client companies in a number of different industry sectors. We are able to see the issues you face from the same perspective as you and we know how to deliver what you want in the way that you want it.

Every client is different, so we tailor our solutions to your needs. All our clients receive an equally high level of care and attention, regardless of whether they are a small local business or a global giant.

We achieve results by the way we are set up, organised like a newsroom. Each member of our team of five experienced PR professionals runs his or her own accounts, but is able to call on the skills and knowledge of other members of the team as necessary. There is no conventional hierarchy and there are no junior account-handlers. A major strength is the unusually senior level of our team, and each member is fully responsible for ensuring the success of the PR activity on his or her accounts.

Our team has some 100 years of experience in PR. We have some of the UK’s best media experts, who have worked for some of the world’s largest companies and on some of the most contentious issues. Because of our collective experience, we know how to integrate PR into the bigger picture and our clients have asked us to help them with a wide range of related issues, including marketing, brand development, public affairs, advertising and direct mail.

We have an exceptional relationship with a wide spectrum of journalists and are one of the few agencies that journalists, broadcasters and editors call. This doesn’t mean that we have cosy relationships with the media – we will always argue our clients’ case forcefully.

Above all, we are pro-active. We know how to present stories that the media want to write about and that will benefit our clients. And you won’t be left wondering where the next story is going to come from – we keep coming up with ideas.