How we measure it

We work with our clients at all stages – from initial planning through to implementation – and in all areas of the communication process, to develop a strategy that is tailored to the needs of each client. Our core skills include:
We believe that it is important to measure the effectiveness of your PR and Communications strategy in the same way that it is vital to measure the effectiveness of all parts of your marketing effort. PR is about helping organisations achieve success in their strategic aims. It does that by helping to build relationships between them and their customers and by developing a strong reputation in their chosen marketplace.

Measurement helps companies to manage that process effectively. Research and evaluation should be an part of the PR planning process and not a retrospective justification it. It tells you what worked and what didn’t, and what to do differently next time. It helps you to take informed decisions about where to spend time and effort to achieve the right results cost-effectively. It also helps you to make the right media choices in a world of ever-expanding media options.
Measurement takes wide range of forms, from the simple counting of media contacts, numbers press mentions achieved and the prominence, quality or value of those, through to research into name awareness and reputation. We will tailor our measurement and reporting to your requirements but, where possible, we recommend pre-campaign research to set the benchmark, with regular updates to monitor development.

Most importantly, at Positive Profile we expect to be measured by the same standards as our clients are measured: increased turnover, market share and profitability.