Our clients’ views


“You have made a huge contribution to our recent successes, which have certainly raised our profile. We also know that without you we would not have had a successful launch of STOP NOW nor such a good first anniversary. I know that you have put a great deal of yourself into energywatch and with a friend like you we are bound to do well.”

Letter from Ann Robinson, Chair of energywatch, to Jonathan Rush, Positive Profile “Thank you and the people working on the staff and public launch for an outstanding success. The launches were professional, high quality and extremely well organised. A brilliant PR/promotional exercise.”

Letter from Ann Robinson, Chair of energywatch, to Stephen Reid, Chief Executive of energywatch


The Investment Ombudsman

“Henry Gewanter … has done very well indeed for this Office over several years, securing much more press, radio and TV coverage than the scale of our operations might be thought to justify. He has a sound knowledge of the general finance scene and about how the Ombudsmen currently in this area work. He is imaginative, energetic and ambitious on his clients’ behalf, and sticks to his brief.”

Letter from the Investment Ombudsman, Peter Dean, to Walter Merricks, Chief Ombudsman, Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme